Children 5-7 Years

Classes are fun and dynamic whilst structured and controlled. We start by sitting quietly on the mats until the class begins with a warm up. We structure the classes to have periods of concentration broken up with exercise. We teach basic kicks and punching on pads, throws and how to fall. Self-defence that works is a big part of our syllabus and working in pairs. We aim to encourage and improve confidence by celebrating the successes. Each child is given their own training journal which they bring to class to collect stars when they have successfully completed an exercise. Once they have a full page of stars they are ready to grade or test for their next belt.

Children 8-12 Years

We separate the beginner children into two age groups as the older children are able to progress faster through the syllabus. They can concentrate for longer periods and focus on self-defence scenarios likely to be experienced by children of this age. We aim to teach the children to be aware of their surrounding and make themselves a hard target.

Teens to Adults

We teach our high school kids and adults together in classes separate from children. Children train in the children syllabus and teens and adults train in their own advanced syllabus focusing on defending against attack at close quarters, multiple attackers and attack with weapons. We have spent many years in martial arts so please benefit from our experience and in depth knowledge. The adults that train range up to 50 years+ so it’s never too late to pick up something new that is going to keep you moving and interested. Our classes are welcoming and lots of fun, wear what you like and come and give us a try!

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Welcome to Kupso Martial Arts Australia

We teach children from age 5 to 7 years, age 8 to 12 years and Teens to Adults in separate classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Typically we teach 1 hour classes and we limit classes to maximum of 25 students. We try to have at least two instructors at all classes. We train during school term time and fees are paid per term (currently $130). We have an annual membership fee of $50.

Beginners are welcome at any time.

We teach Ao Denkou Jitsu which is a dynamic self-defence martial art. Our syllabus includes pad work (kicking/punching), mat work (locks,holds and throws), form work (movements of attack and defence with real practical applications). We do not teach for competitions/tournaments. Our instructors have in-depth knowledge of martial arts and pass on this knowledge in a logical and systematic way. We use theories and principles which many other martial arts schools do not understand or teach.

There is mutual respect between student and teacher. We do not shout or speak foreign languages in class.

We have been teaching for over 20 years and have a breadth of martial arts experience. Our students benefit from our experience and we would love to see you enjoying our classes.

We offer a two week trial for $26.

You will be made very welcome at any of our classes. For more information, please visit our Contact Us page for a range of contact options.